How to Start Building and Living Your Legacy at Work - Pt. 1


by Phyllis Weiss Haserot

Almost everyone who enjoys their work wants to leave some sort of a “legacy,” that is, be remembered for something meaningful to themselves and others. Having a meaningful purpose in one’s work is a strong attraction and motivator to Millennials and to older generations and is getting more attention from employers.

“Work legacy” can be about such things as work processes, mentoring, knowledge transfer, innovating, training new talent, and bringing something unique to the table. It’s what one passes on to the next generations and peers in as broad a sense as you would like to think about it. It’s having achieved something that lives on, that conveys your purpose, that is bigger than what you are doing at the moment. It’s not a charitable legacy, though that could be part of it.

Here are some questions you might start thinking about as an individual or with colleagues as a team. 

  • What do you want to be remembered for wherever you are working now: by colleagues, by clients/customers and external stakeholders in the context of your roles in the organization?
  • What would you like to pass on to the next generations?
  • What can you start to do now or change now to be able to achieve that legacy?

Outline a model for your eventual transition from your current roles.

If you know you are likely to be facing a transition where you currently work within five years, plan to take control as much as possible by initiating or designing the change.


If you have not already determined your legacy:

  • Identify what you always wish you had done, and explore ways to make that possible now or in the near future.
  • Take on long-term projects and involve younger colleagues to collaborate with, mentor, coach and transfer knowledge to.

Building legacy can be one of the most fulfilling things you can do in your life. And not only that, it outlives you and keeps you relevant and present when you are no longer there. Get started now!

Contact me to learn about our Legacy-Makers Mastermind groups and to receive a free list of “Tips for Building a Legacy at Work.” Get started on yours!


Phyllis Weiss Haserot, a passionate champion of cross-generational conversation and president of Practice Development Counsel, helps organizations and individuals solve inter-generational challenges among work colleagues and with clients to achieve enviable productivity, knowledge transfer, engagement, retention, s

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