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As the philanthropic advisory arm of, Global Giving Advisors, LLC  develops thoughtful and innovative philanthropic plans for individuals, families and corporations to fulfill your vision to make the world an even better place.  We help develop and identify your mission and goals for philanthropy, develop strategies and giving options, while ensuring the pleasure of giving.

In working with clients, we have found that it can be challenging to maximize the benefits of philanthropy.  Global Giving Advisors, LLC strives to develop individualized portfolios which enhance the human, intellectual, social and financial impact of philanthropy suited to your goals and objectives. To maximize impact, we work to create relationships and collaborate with others in the philanthropic sector.

Liz Stern’s knowledge in the area of legacy development comes from her experience working with her diverse clients. She has helped her clients fulfil their potential and has facilitated over $ 90 million dollars in contributions to humanitarian and education programs globally. 


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