Global Legacy Expert & Coach

Liz Stern's seminars and presentations, are engaging and thought provoking. She shares 'learning points' to ensure audiences obtain real value from and can take away content in the most personally beneficial way.

Liz guides her clients to develop their Legacy Plan to live even more fulfilling and abundant lives, drive social impact and global change. She shares tools to understand that "Legacy is about how you live your life today, how you will be remembered and that your life mattered."

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Business Coach

Liz Stern has coached and advised business clients on the importance of a Legacy Plan with the tools developed from her travel to over 90 countries and from her experience working with diverse, multigenerational  companies.

Liz provides individuals with a clear process empowering them to shift their current paradigm and focus their goals to achieve a shared consensus, resulting in greater personal, business and financial success.


Philanthropic Advisor

As the philanthropic advisory arm of, Global Giving Advisors, LLC works with  individuals, families, foundations and corporations on strategic and effective philanthropy. We help identify goals and strategies, structure grant making initiatives, analyze giving options.

In addition, we work with legal and financial advisors, investment counselors and wealth managers to integrate innovative philanthropic solutions for our mutual clients.

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Keynote Speaker

"We won’t be remembered for our degrees or jobs, or how much money we made, instead our legacies will be tied to the things we did for others and more importantly, how we made them feel."   - Liz Stern

As a speaker Liz Stern inspires listeners to reflect and consider their Legacy. She helps them to envision what their Legacy could be and how the power of Legacy allows us to live fully in the present. Clarifying your purpose, your values, and your life’s journey is a powerful tool to creating your Legacy Roadmap.




“Liz Stern’s participation on The Haiti Crocs Project, supplying 10,000 pairs of shoes to those in need, was quite moving and a testament to her compassion and courage to alleviate poverty. That project made me think about my legacy and the impact I want to have. Our work together, developing my philanthropic portfolio and helping me realize the impact I will have, has been rewarding.”    

- Ed Claugus (Private Investor, Hedge Fund Manager and Risk Taker)

“We were deeply impressed that Liz took the time to understand our family and our desire to accommodate generational differences. She guided us through thought provoking questions and processes which enabled us to develop a strategic plan for philanthropy based on our resources and perspectives that would ensure a clear family legacy. We look forward to having her continued guidance and support.”   

- (US Family Foundation)

“Liz Stern provided our development staff with a customized workshop to clarify goals. It was extremely useful in helping us think strategically as we expand our fundraising efforts to include a more diverse group of regional and national funders. Liz’s insider knowledge and affable style made the process informative, interactive, and fun!”     

- (US Non-Profit)

“Liz Stern is the ideal philanthropic adviser, she masterfully manages her role in finding the match between her client's values and intentions and the non-profit who will best carry forward those intentions.  My work with Liz as VP for Individual Giving at Accion International resulted in honoring the legacy of her inspiring and unique client while providing the largest estate gift in Accion's 55 year plus history.  Both client and Accion aligned in their deep commitment to financial inclusion and the improvement of lives through entrepreneurship.”

- Kathryn Battillo (Non-Profit Leader and Fund-Raising Consultant)




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