“Most of us would like to know we mattered to someone…We won’t be remembered for our degrees or jobs, or how much money we made, but for the things we did for others, how we made them feel, how we shared our knowledge and lessons learned, that will be our legacy.”

That statement, developed over time and travels, guides all my work. The journey clients embark upon enables them to live even more fulfilling and abundant lives,

Liz Stern's Private Coaching, Seminars and Presentations are interactive, engaging and thought provoking. She shares 'learning points' to ensure audiences obtain real value from and can take away content in the most personally beneficial way.

Legacy Coaching (Individuals)

Legacy Coaching will enable you to develop a rich clarity and understanding of your values, vision and mission for your life. You will develop a Legacy Plan to ensure that your goals and actions are in alignment and that you have the tools to live an even better life and share that abundance with others. You’ll gain confidence that you will be able to identify and evaluate detours or challenges in your Legacy Roadmap, regardless of where your path takes you.


Ultimate Legacy Planning Seminar

Who should attend:

  • This seminar is designed for anyone seeking to clarify their values and develop their Legacy, at the personal, professional or corporate level. My seminars provide the tools to transform individuals personal and professional lives.

During this seminar you will:

  • Develop deeper insights into and clarify your primary values.
  • Evaluate your life choices and vision for your life.
  • Apply the 5 Legacy Pathways to the development of your Legacy Roadmap. 
  • Broaden your perspectives and capabilities to meet the challenges and detours in your Roadmap.

What this Seminar offers you:

  • Developing a rich understanding of the ways in which your life decisions have influenced your life as well as those around you.
  • Confidence that you will be able to identify, evaluate any detours you may encounter and your journey through life.

These are skills that will serve you well in the future, regardless of where your path takes you. 


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