What is a life well lived?



"It's a life measured by the giving of our time, our attention and ourselves. It is measured by intention, motivation, compassion and love." - Liz Stern

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ELIZABETH STERN - Keynote Speaker, Philanthropic Advisor, Transformational Coach, Transformational Business Coach


“You have no idea what your legacy will be. Your legacy is what you do everyday. Your legacy is every life you’ve touched, every person whose life was either moved or not.  It’s every person you’ve harmed or helped, that’s your legacy.”    -  Maya Angelou

Whether you are young, old or in between, the power of Legacy allows us to live fully in the present. You will realize that you are part of a larger community, and can explore the intersections of intention, motivation, compassion and love.


If you start at the end, "how you want to be remembered", and reverse engineer, you will be able create your Roadmap and turn your values and vision into action and find your path for the future.  

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