Photo credit: Scott Wynn Photography

Photo credit: Scott Wynn Photography

“I have been fortunate that my work has provided the opportunity to travel to over 90 countries. Experiencing new environments and cultures expanded my understanding of our connected world. I developed a perspective and understanding about what it takes to set a foundation, build a life and Legacy. Sharing that knowledge has had a ripple effect, enabling others to imagine a Legacy for themselves.

As part of my Legacy, I wanted to share my passion for travel, cultural experiences and philanthropy with my children. Traveling with my daughters allowed me to see the world through their eyes which gave me a perspective on my own Legacy. They developed a broader understanding of how cultures across the globe are both similar and different. They also learned that navigating life and the world requires an open mind, respect, responsibility and self-reliance; and that helping others would be part of determining their Legacies.”

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