Ed Claugus

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 Ed Claugus, a long-time friend and former client, was at a turning point in his life and sought to reframe his legacy. This statement from him was the culmination of our work together. Sadly he passed away in a plane crash in 2013, creating his legacy much earlier than he had anticipated.

“I don’t know much, but I know my family and friends see me as a serial risk-taker. Most importantly, my investing abilities have led to profound professional success that I am very proud of. In planning my legacy, my intention is to help those not as lucky as I have been, particularly women and children. Having grown up in rural Ohio, I can relate to the farmers Accion provides microloans. I hope that my contribution will help women and families realize their economic potential. 

I have also been profoundly impacted by the Kageno project with Partners in Health which delivered 10,000 pairs of Croc’s shoes to people in Haiti. Knowing that a pair of shoes could dramatically improve health led me to contribute to PIH. “

Ed Claugus

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